At Cloud, we believe that students learn best by putting their skills to the test. Our publications do just that. From the Creative Writing classroom to KVCO Radio, our students are preparing work for real audiences both on campus and off.

KVCO RadioThe logo for KVCO radio.

Also a part of Thunderhead Media, our on-campus radio station broadcasts during the school year on 88.3 FM. "The Thunder Behind Cloud" hosts student-run music hours, talk shows, and is the only place you will find T-Bird basketball games. Listen through the airwaves or stream online. Listen to the LIVE STREAM of KVCO!

The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining is a product of our Creative Writing Classes (CM 106 / 107). Each time the class is offered, students write, edit, and produce their own literary magazine, which is distributed on-campus. 

The Silver Lining 2022 Cover.