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VISION: Cloud County Community College will create and promote a culture of holistic health and well-being.

WORKSITE GOAL: Cloud County Community College will develop an infrastructure that supports worksite wellness.

Thor Wellness Program Information

Thor Wellness Program Information

  • Biometric Screening (50 points) One held on campus every year.
  • Dental Exam (50 points)
  • Health Physical Exam (100 points)
  • Vision Exam (50 points)
  • Complete all four required actions in 2024 and receive your choice of a personal day or $100.
  • Must provide EOB (Explanation of Benefits) or Doctor’s Examination Form.


  • Monthly Challenges (25 points)
  • Complete the challenge and be entered into the monthly drawing.
  • Monthly Exercise Goal (25 points)
  • Complete 500 minutes of exercise and document on the 2024 Fitness and Exercise Tracker.


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Presentations (25 points)
  • Attend the presentations and be entered into a drawing.

All documents will need to be submitted by January 15, 2025. You must complete the required actions to qualify for the end of year drawings. One ticket will be awarded for every 50 points earned.

Current Wellness Challenges


  • Complete 500 minutes of exercise during the month and document on the Fitness and Exercise Tracker.
    • You will receive 25 wellness points.
    • DO NOT include your normal daily activity.


  • Complete the July Wellness Challenge.
      • After completing the full month’s challenge, please email your info back Rachel at

      You will receive 25 wellness points and be entered into a drawing.



  • None at this time.

Blue Cross Blue Shield logo.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield offers a variety of resources and tools designed to help you make informed healthy choices and live your best life.