College Mission

Cloud County Community College prepares students to lead successful lives and enhances the vitality of our communities.

Guiding Values

Students are our central focus, and we strive to see every student succeed.
“We champion individual success”

We deliver forward thinking programs of study as well as industry-best practices that reflect the highest academic standards.
“We are committed to excellence”

We make a positive difference in the lives of our students, community members, and each other through meaningful relationships.
“We make a difference.”

We uphold the highest standards of ethics and public stewardship.
“We do what is right”

We encourage active citizenship and embrace the diversity of people and ideas.
“We are better together”


We provide the best value for a high quality, holistic education.
“We ensure every student has opportunities”

We promote renewable energy as well as sustainable lifestyles in our changing world.
“We are Black, Gold, and Green."



Cloud County Community College is dedicated to delivering education that is responsive to the needs of students. In order to remain responsive, we engage in a systematic, sustained reflection and assessment process that extends to all levels of the institution, both inside and outside the classroom. Assessment helps us identify the cause and effect relationship between the factors that impact student learning and the extent of that learning and directs us toward continuous improvement in service to our students and our communities. 


Individual, department, and dean's assessment forms are now available on the reports page. The Assessment Manual has also been updated; old reference materials have been removed.


The newsletter archive is available on the newsletters page.