Institution Mission and Guiding Values

Cloud County Community College prepares students to lead successful lives and enhances the vitality of our communities.

Cloud County Community College has identified guiding values to help achieve its mission: Success, Excellence, Service, Integrity, Diversity, Accessibility, and Sustainability.

Academic Assessment Mission

The college mission statement identifies enhancing our students’ lives as the central purpose of Cloud County Community College. Opportunities in and outside the classroom provide many ways for the faculty and staff to engage with students.  

Cloud views assessment as a tool to improve the systems and structures—from individual course curriculum to program, division, and college-wide academic structures—that affect the future of student learning.

D25 Policy and Procedure

Cloud County Community College (CCCC) dedicates itself to delivering quality education that fulfills our mission and is responsive to the needs of students. In order to remain responsive, we engage in a systematic, sustained reflection and assessment process that extends to all levels of the institution, both inside and outside the classroom. Assessment helps us identify the cause and effect relationship between the factors that impact student learning and the extent of that learning and directs us toward continuous improvement in service to our students and our communities. 

The assessment of student learning, the interpretation of the results of assessment, and the use of those findings to stimulate improvement requires the participation of students, faculty and staff, administrators and Board of Trustee members, individually and collectively.

Two distinct but related components comprise the Assessment process at CCCC: 1) assessment and evaluation of student learning outcomes (SLO) at the course, program, and institution level and 2) Program Reviews. The program reviews pull together evidence and data from SLOs, academic and co-curricular student interactions, labor force needs, resource management, and strategic planning initiatives. The planning and budget process uses the information gathered and analyzed in program reviews. As part of the Program Reviews, each program submits a zero-based budget, tying program funding to the strategic plan and using evidence from assessment in support of the needs.


Assessment occurs in academic programs as well as in co-curricular programs. All academic and co-curricular programs that offer any of the following are included in the processes of program review, planning and development:

  • Courses or sequence of courses designed to prepare students for employment in a specific field leading to an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) or Certificate at Cloud County Community College
  • Courses or sequence of courses designed to fulfill general education degree requirements at Cloud County Community College leading to an Associate of Arts; Associate of Science; or Associate of General Studies
  • Courses or sequence of courses designed to fulfill transfer degree requirements at partnering colleges and universities
  • Learning activities programs and experiences that reinforce CCCC’s mission, guiding values and institutional learning outcomes

Responsible Parties: All faculty, regardless of status or location, staff, administration and Board of Trustee members are responsible for assessing student learning and success in their areas and supporting the work of the college. Assessment duties can include, but are not limited to, completing assessment of SLOs within Canvas, completing matrices, submitting reports, creating and analyzing surveys, and assisting in completing program reviews.