Office of Student Engagement

Educational research suggests that when students get involved in campus life, they are more likely to succeed academically. Meaningful involvement in extracurricular activities can give you an edge when you compete for scholarships and jobs. Experience, leadership, and organizational skills are just a few competencies gained through participating in clubs/organizations. The Office of Student Engagement encourages students to engage in learning without limits by advancing opportunities that allow for growth and development within and beyond the classroom.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Student Engagement is to foster an active and vibrant campus community by developing a comprehensive co-curricular and extra-curricular experience, providing opportunities for students to develop and grow in the areas of leadership and event planning. The Office is a resource that emphasizes a welcoming environment to support the free flow of ideas from all students on this campus.


The goal of the Office of Student Engagement is to create an engaging environment that enriches the academic, social and personal experience of all students. Through their involvement both on and off campus, students will be prepared to engage effectively in their respective communities, as well as contribute to meaningful social change in our society.


The Office of Student Engagement strives to create an inclusive campus community where all students are valued, are able to find their passion, and are engaged in activities that promote growth and development academically, socially and personally.

Contact Information:

Carleen Nordell
Staff Advisor




Student Senate

The Student Senate is the representative, elected governing body of the student population at the Concordia Campus of Cloud County Community College (CCCC). The purpose of the Student Senate is to practice good citizenship, promote relationship-building, improve school morale, assist in planning and implementing school activities, provide a forum for student expression, charter college clubs and other organizations, and promote the mission and values of CCCC throughout the college campus and the local community.

Student Senate Newsletter

Student Senate publishes a monthly newsletter to keep students, faculty and staff up-to-date on what is happening on campus.

Student Senate Application

                               2019-2020 Student Senate Executive Board
                                      Staff Advisor: Carleen Nordell

        President: Igor Silva                                               Vice-President: Souleymane Adam

          A photo of Igor Silva.                                                                        A photo of Souleymane Adam.                                      

   Secretary/Treasurer: Gabriel Chinya                          Student Activities Leader: Johan Cobena

          A photo of Gabriel Chinya.                                                                            A photo of Johan Cobena.                                                    


   Communications/Media Specialist: Sophie Jebose     Sophomore Representative: Michael Dorer

         A photo of Sophie Jebose.                                                                         A photo of Michael Dorer.                                                                  


Sophomore Representative: Alizea McClanahan            Freshmen Representative: Taylor Griffith 

      A photo of Alizea McClanahan.                                                                          A photo of Taylor Griffith.                                                 


  Freshmen Representative: Olivia Nobert                  Freshmen Representative: Bruno Da Silva

      A photo of Olivia Nobert.                                                                      A photo of Bruno Da Silva.                                                      

 Freshmen Representative: LaKya Leslie                        Freshmen Representative: Kelee Siebold

      A photo of LaKya Leslie.                                                                    A photo of Kelee Siebold.                                                                


  Freshmen Representative: Sierra Portenier                 Freshmen Representative: Brianna Gant 

     A photo of Sierra Portenier.                                                                   A photo of Brianna Gant.