Disbursement & Refund Information

Disbursement of financial aid funds will be processed and credited to student accounts for all students for allowable charges for students who have a completed financial aid file and/or all direct loan paperwork completed. 

Cloud County Community College defines disbursement as the payment of Title IV funds by crediting a student’s account.   

Refund day is defined as when the refund is available to the student either by check or by direct deposit.  Refunds as a result of a Parent PLUS loan will be mailed directly to the parent unless requested by the parent to be refunded to the student. 

Financial Aid will be applied to the student account in the following order:

  • Institutional and Outside Scholarships
  • Federal Financial Aid

If the amount of financial aid applied to a student account exceeds the student’s semester charges, a refund will be issued to the student.

Students who are issued a refund check may pick up their checks in the Business Office prior to 4:00 pm on the scheduled refund day.  After 4:00 pm all refund checks will be mailed to the student’s legal home permanent address.

Students who have completed the Direct Deposit / EFT Authorization form will have refunds directly deposited to the student’s designated account on the scheduled refund day.

Any Title IV funds that the Business Office or payroll office is unable to deliver to student or parent PLUS borrowers will be returned to the appropriate Title IV program account.

Cloud County Community College Students may use their Federal Financial Aid credit to charge books and supplies from the CCCC Bookstore to their student account.  In order to charge books using Federal Financial Aid, the student's file must be complete and awarded and have a Federal Financial Aid credit on their student account.  CCCC student's may opt-out of the student account charge process and receive an opt-out book refund of their Federal Financial Aid credit to purchase books elsewhere. 

If a student wishes to opt-out, complete the Opt-Out Book Refund form and return to the Financial Aid Office.  Opt-Out Book Refund forms must be returned by the first day of class for each payment period.

Holding Excess Title IV Funds (Credit Balance):

Cloud County Community College will not hold credit balances to pay for a subsequent semester. All students who have a credit balance will be issued a refund either by check or through Direct Deposit and will be available on the refund day.

Students may be considered for a late disbursement under certain conditions and the Financial Aid Office will be determine if the student meets the requirements for a late disbursement.

Financial Aid Refund Dates:

Summer 2022 Semester 

Refund Dates
Full Semester & 1st Session Classes06/23/2022
Single Term Loans 2nd Disbursement07/07/2022
2nd Session Classes07/21/2022

Fall 2022 Semester 

Refund Dates
Full Semester & 1st Session Classes09/23/2022
Single Term Loans 2nd Disbursement10/21/2022
2nd Session Classes11/04/2022

Student and Parent Authorizations

Disbursing Title IV Funds (other than FWS) to pay current Year Educationally-Related Institutional Charges Other than Tuition, Fees, and Contracted Room and Board:

 Federal student financial aid can only cover “institutional charges” as defined by the U.S. Department of Education. This definition includes current year charges for tuition and fees and on-campus room and board. It also includes lab fees and any other fees associated directly with taking a class. Upon written authorization from the student, Federal Financial Aid can be applied to “other institutional charges” including but not limited to permits, fines, damages and child care costs that have incurred at Cloud County Community College.

Disbursing Title IV Funds (Other than FWS) to pay Prior Award Year Educationally-Related Changes Other than Tuition, Fees, and Contracted Room and Board:

In general, FSA funds may only be used to pay for the student’s costs for the period for which the funds are provided. However, a school may use current-year funds to satisfy prior award year charges for tuition and fees, room, or board (and with permission, educationally related charges) for a total of not more than $200.00. A school may not pay prior-year charges in excess of $200.00.