Cloud County Community College prepares students to lead successful lives and enhances the vitality of our communities.

Cloud County Community College has identified guiding values to help achieve the mission.

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The College

Founded in 1965, the College serves the educational needs of 12 counties in North Central Kansas. The first campus was located in Concordia, however, services are provided at 28 other sites, including the Geary County Campus in Junction City, Kansas.

Courses and programs are offered in the traditional liberal arts and in selected career fields. In addition to the educational offerings, a wide range of student activities, including intercollegiate athletics, are offered to the student body.

The College is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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Our Team

Our greatest asset is our faculty, staff, and administration, who provide the personal attention needed by students to succeed.

Our emphasis is on student learning by helping to prepare our students for a variety of career and transfer choices and given them the competitive edge to succeed.