The Charles and Marian Cook Series was founded in 1992 by Marian D. Cook in memory of her entrepreneur husband, Charles. Throughout their marriage, the Cooks were avid global explorers and both embraced travel as life’s greatest form of education. Recognizing that not everyone possessed resources adequate for world travel, it became the aim of Mrs. Cook to create an on-going event series through the local community college that would bring cultural and educational experiences to Concordia.

Over the past 20 years, the Charles and Marian Cook Series funded over 50 separate events on the stages of Cook Theatre and the Brown Grand Theatre in Concordia. Presenters have ranged from a Holocaust survivor, Watergate investigative reporter, NBC news anchor, PBS producer, Tanzanian filmmaker and AIDS activist, off-Broadway theatre troupe, scholars and writers, Muslim stand-up comedienne, poverty advocate, and more.

In accordance with Mrs. Cook’s wishes, all events are offered free to the public. Check out the upcoming events page for date and location information.