Bob Peatty

The Iowa Caucus continues into 2024 as a throwback to another era.  Every four years presidential candidates from one or both political parties descend upon Iowa and crisscross the state making their case to voters. Iowa Caucus  expert and Washburn University Professor Bob Beatty has been travelling to Iowa for over twenty years studying this unique phenomenon of personalized campaigning, and by using original video footage and photos featuring over 50 presidential candidates, he shows where and how these candidates reach Iowans and the connection they try to make with the voters who can ignite or torpedo their presidential dreams.

Dr. Beatty will also explore and examine the state of the 2024 US presidential race, from the primaries through the general election.

Bob Beatty has a doctorate in political science from Arizona State University and specializes in Kansas and national elections, with a special expertise on the Iowa Caucus and campaigning for president. He has attended and covered the national political party conventions in 2008 and 2016 and 15 presidential debates from 1996-2020.