Acceptance for Admission to Cloud County Community College is at the discretion of the Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) and/or the Designated School Official (DSO).

1. Complete the Application for Admissions.

2. Every International Student requirement must be submitted. A COMPLETE packet of required documents must be scanned and emailed to In the subject line of the email, you must include the student’s full name and anticipated semester and year of attendance. Failure to submit the completed packet may delay the Acceptance process.

    • An official copy of high school diploma and/or matriculation certificate and official copies of complete high school transcripts.
    • Copy of a passport or another form of photo identification that shows legal name and birth date.
    • Official test scores demonstrating proficiency in both oral and written use of the English language. A score of 500 (paper based test or PBT), 173 (computer based test or cBT) or 61 (Internet based test or iBT) on the TOEFL Examination is the minimum requirement for admission subject to the following exceptions:
      • 548 or higher (PBT), 210 or higher (cBT), or 79 or higher (iBT), will not be required to enroll in ESL courses.
      • 500-547 (PBT), 173-209 (cBT), or 61-78 (iBT) will be required to successfully complete one semester of ESL coursework (ESL II).
      • 410-499 (PBT), 100-172 (cBT), or 40-60 (iBT) will be required to successfully complete two semesters of ESL coursework (ESL I & ESL II).
      • below 410 (PBT), below 100 (cBT), or below 40 (iBT) will be conditionally admitted, but will be required to successfully complete two semesters of ESL course work, including one semester of intensive ESL course work (concurrent enrollment in Basic ESL and ESL I) and one additional semester of ESL coursework (ESL II).
    • A completed International Student Sponsor Affidavit Form, signed by a financial sponsor (usually a parent or legal guardian).
    • A certified bank statement dated within six months of the start of classes showing the equivalent of $11,000 USD. This verifies that the sponsor has sufficient funds for sponsoring one year of study at Cloud. This is the estimated one year cost for tuition, books, fees, housing and living expenses.

After these steps are completed, the Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) and/or the Designated School Official (DSO) will review the contents and make a decision regarding the student’s admission. If the student is accepted for admission, an I-20 form and official acceptance will be mailed directly to the student. These documents will allow the student to apply to the nearest U.S. Consular Office for an F-1 non-immigrant student visa. Once the visa has been obtained, the student will be permitted to enter the United States and begin full-time studies at Cloud.

3. Complete the Housing Application

4. Complete Tuberculosis blood testing: International students from countries of high incidence will be required to have a TB blood test before attending classes. Tests are available at the expense of the student.

5. Purchase International Student Health Insurance: Each student on a F-1 visa is required to have proof of international student health insurance. (See policy E7) F-1 students will purchase insurance through International Student Insurance (ISI), Cloud County Community College's selected provider. For more information on the International Student Health Insurance requirement or to purchase the insurance please go to International Student Insurance.