Each document below contains the course information (title, credits, catalog description, and all student learning outcomes) for the indicated course. Please use these outcomes in the current syllabus. 

Institutional Learning Outcomes
Rubrics for Institutional Learning Outcomes

Agriculture and Industrial Studies

AG 101AG 115
IE 125 Blueprint Reading and CuttingIE 126 Shielded Metal Arc Welding
IE 127 Gas Metal Arc Welding
TD 250TD 251
TD 252


BE 153 Personal FinanceBE 161 Accounting I
BE 162 Accounting II
CA 192 Dynamics of Career PlanningCA 221 Job Search 
CS 108 Computer Applications
MG 101 Management Principles


CM 101 English Composition ICM 102 English Composition II
CM 115 Public SpeakingCM 240 Interpersonal Communication


ED 100ED 101

Health and Human Performance


AR 100MU 101
HI 108 Women in American SocietyHI 120 World History I
HI 121 World History IIHI 122 U.S. History I
HI 123 U.S. History II


MA 099 Elementary AlgebraMA 104 Technical Math
MA 110 Intermediate AlgebraMA 111 College Algebra
MA 112 TrigonometryMA 114 Elementary Statistics
MA 115 General CalculusMA 120 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I

Nursing and Allied Health

AH 163 Emergency Medical TechnicianAH 197 Certified Nurse Aide

Renewable Energy


SC 101 General BiologySC 110 Principles of Biology I
SC 120 Human Anatomy and Physiology ISC 121 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
SC 126 Anatomy and Physiology SC 130 General Chemistry
SC 131 Chemistry I

Social and Behavioral Sciences and Criminal Justice

AJ 100
AJ 209 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
EC 101 Economics IEC 102 Economics II
GE 101 World Geography
SS 101 General PsychologySS 105 Human Growth and Development
SS 125 Cultural AnthropologySS 129 Introduction to Social Work
SS 130 Introduction to SociologySS 201 Social Problems