General Education Philosophy

General Education broadens students’ understanding of the world and prepares them for civic, social, and employment responsibilities. General education advances students’ abilities to function in diverse and dynamic environments by enhancing communication, stimulating critical thinking, exploring modes of inquiry, developing creative work, fostering constructive attitudes regarding learning, and promoting academic literacy.
adopted February 2022

General Education courses are required of all degree seeking students. Those earning an associate degree are expected to:
•    Communicate effectively orally and in writing
•    Demonstrate ability to evaluate information from various means, including written and auditory sources
•    Demonstrate proficiency in scientific knowledge and mathematical skills
•    Exhibit knowledge of diverse cultural and historical experiences and expressions
•    Demonstrate problem solving using critical thinking
•    Utilize technology relevant to disciplines of study

CCCC faculty have developed student outcome goals for General Education classes reflecting what students can expect to learn. Each semester artifacts are collected according to an assessment schedule and then evaluated by an group of professionals to determine if students are achieving the goals established by faculty. All General Education courses offered by CCCC are included in general education assessment.

The following courses are the approved courses that will fulfill the general education requirements for Cloud County Community College. These courses will fulfill the general education requirements for all degrees unless it is stated that it only works for certain degrees.

English Composition I                 3 credit hours
English Composition II                3 credit hours
Interpersonal Communications    3 credit hours
Public Speaking                          3 credit hours
Survey of Technical Writing          3 credit hours
(AAS Degree or Certificates only)

Humanities General Education Courses
Fine Arts General Education Courses
Art Appreciation                         3 credit hours
Music Appreciation                     3 credit hours
Theatre Appreciation                  3 credit hours
American Cinema Appreciation    3 credit hours
World Music                               3 credit hours
American Music                          3 credit hours
History of Rock Music                  3 credit hours
Humanities I                              3 credit hours
Humanities II                             3 credit hours
French I                                     5 credit hours
Spanish I                                   4 credit hours
German I                                   4 credit hours
Literature General Education Courses
Introduction to Literature           3 credit hours
American Literature I                 3 credit hours
American Literature II                3 credit hours
World Lit & the Human Exp         3 credit hours
Philosophy General Education Courses
Introduction to Philosophy         3 credit hours
History General Education Courses
Introduction to History             3 credit hours
U.S. History I                          3 credit hours
U.S. History II                         3 credit hours
World History I                        3 credit hours
World History II                       3 credit hours
Women in American Society      3 credit hours

Mathematics General Education Courses
Technical Math                          3 credit ours 
(AAS degree or Certificates only)
Survey of Mathematics             3 credit hours
(AAS degree or Certificates only)
Intermediate Algebra                3 credit hours
(AGS degree, AAS degree or Certificates only)           
College Algebra                         3 credit hours
General Calculus                       3 credit hours
Analytical Geometry/Calculus I   5 credit hours
Analytical Geometry/Calculus II  5 credit hours
Trigonometry                            3 credit hours

Natural Sciences General Education Courses
Physical Science
Survey of Science                     3 credit hours
(AAS degree or Certificates only)   
Physical Science                         5 credit hours
General Chemistry                      5 credit hours
Chemistry I                                5 credit hours
Natural Hazards & Disasters         3 credit hours
Natural Hazards & Disasters Lab   1 credit hour
College Physics I                         5 credit hours
University Physics I                     5 credit hours
Geology                                     4 credit hours
General Astronomy                     4 credit hours
Meteorology                               4 credit hours
Environmental Quality                 3 credit hours
Environmental Quality Lab           1 credit hour
Environ Science & Conservation    3 credit hours
Environ Science & Conservation Lab    1 credit hour
Applied Physics                         3 credit hours
Biological Science
General Biology                        4 credit hours
Principles of Biology                  5 credit hours
Human Anatomy & Physiology I  4 credit hours
Anatomy and Physiology            5 credit hours
Principles of Biology II                5 credit hours

Social & Behavioral Science General Education Courses
Economics I                             3 credit hours
Economics II                            3 credit hours
General Psychology                  3 credit hours
Human Growth & Development  3 credit hours
Introduction to Sociology          3 credit hours
Marriage and Family                 3 credit hours
Intro to Cultural Anthropology   3 credit hours
Political Science
U.S. Government: National       3 credit hours
U.S. Government: State & Local 3 credit hours
Current Political Issues              3 credit hours
World Geography                      3 credit hours