Journalism and Mass Communications

We communicate using media—written news, radio, video, podcasts, social media—more now than at any other moment in human history. Journalists must learn how to show, tell, and tweet – becoming a one-stop-shop for communication to the public. Learn to master and harness those communication channels and create your future today.

Online, On-Screens, On-Air

At Cloud, we are dedicated to getting you real experience in your first semester. Whether you are writing for T-Bird Times, our online student newspaper, managing Thunderhead Media’s social media accounts, or shooting and editing videos for your own student news show, we want you to leave here a portfolio that demonstrates the breadth of your experience at Cloud. By using professional equipment and working with various regional media outlets; students leave Cloud ready to competitively enter the Journalism workforce.

Pro Tools

From professional-grade video production to a dedicated Mac computer lab to a fully-functioning radio station, you will work with tools that the professionals use. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running no matter where you go after Cloud.

Brandon Galm
Instructor of Mass Communications and Speech | 1-800-729-5101 Ext. 240