Why Study English?

A degree in English not only helps you nurture your love of reading, but it helps you foster an understanding of the human experience and the cultural experiences that shape it. A degree in English is a degree in thoughtful, critical analysis of the world around you, and that type of thinking is highly-valued in the workplace. For proof, a good article from the industry perspective can be found here.

Contact:  Dr. Brandon Galm
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Degree Information: The Associates of Arts in the English Program is designed to enable students to transfer into a variety of English major programs at K-State, Fort Hays, and other programs across the Midwest.

Recommended Course Sequence:
First Semester:  CM101, JN100
Second Semester:  CM102, CM106
Third Semester:  CM115, CM121
Fourth Semester:  CM123, CM124

Students can select an area of emphasis: These general areas align with programs at universities and allow students to narrow their focus after they transfer. Faculty advisors will direct students toward basic courses needed for the major program at the university of transfer.

Requirements: Depending on ACT scores and/or placement exams, students may be required to take developmental courses which may add to the length of study.

After Cloud: Obtaining an Associate of Arts in this area should prepare a student to transfer into a four-year baccalaureate program. This is not specifically a “School to Work” or “Career Ready” program.

Gainful Employment: The program results in an Associate of Arts degree which prepares students for further study at a four-year institution. Students who obtain a bachelor’s degree in this field could apply these skills to careers such as writer and author, technical writer, or librarian. Entry level employments in these fields are in the $20,000 to $30,000 range.  English degrees are also particularly well-suited to continuing education for the career of high school teacher (requires state certification) or lawyer (requires professional degree beyond the Bachelor’s degree).

Transfer Institution Guide: A student who is interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree should consult a CCCC advisor and the transfer guide and catalog of the four-year institution.

Department Mission

The English and Communications Department at Cloud County Community College is committed to students' development as capable readers, listeners, writers, speakers, and thinkers who use analytical skills to understand and explore complex ideas and cultural values and use creative skills to compose meaningful communications for a wide range of aesthetic, academic, and professional purposes.

To assure the delivery of this mission, the Communications Department supports the use of data-driven decision making in the offering of developmental courses, provides a variety of composition, literature, and production courses to meet students' diverse educational goals, and participates in annual course and program assessments to align outcomes with this mission and state standards.