We Want to Help You Succeed 

Cloud County Community College is committed to providing high-quality, dynamic support services to students for whom English is a second language. Individualized academic support is available for students enrolled in courses for credit. These services will help you with specific assignments in academic courses. Specialized ESL courses are available to help students develop academic reading skills, effective writing strategies, listening and note-taking skills, and oral presentation skills. Our goal at Cloud is to help you achieve academic, personal, and professional success in English.

Dr. Brandon Galm

Department Chair of English and Communications

brandon.galm@cloud.edu | 1-800-729-5101 Ext. 240

Department Mission

The English and Communications Department at Cloud County Community College is committed to students' development as capable readers, listeners, writers, speakers, and thinkers who use analytical skills to understand and explore complex ideas and cultural values and use creative skills to compose meaningful communications for a wide range of aesthetic, academic, and professional purposes.

To assure the delivery of this mission, the Communications Department supports the use of data-driven decision making in the offering of developmental courses, provides a variety of composition, literature, and production courses to meet students' diverse educational goals, and participates in annual course and program assessments to align outcomes with this mission and state standards.