Students who complete the scholarship application by March 1 will be considered for Cloud Foundation scholarships. The scholarship application will open on October 1.

Foundation scholarships involve memorial and other designated scholarships. Awards are made according to rules and regulations governing each award. The requirements, amounts, and the option to renew vary with each scholarship. Some scholarships are not available every year.

Students can apply for Academic scholarships and Foundation scholarships all at once by completing ONE online application for all of the scholarships from Cloud that they may qualify to receive.

Steps to Apply for Cloud Foundation Scholarships
To be eligible for scholarships at Cloud, students must:

  1. Submit an Application for Admission
  2. Complete the Cloud Scholarship Application

    Helpful Hints for completing the Scholarship Application
    These are recommended by the scholarship awarding committee who will be reviewing the applications.

    • There are four required parts to the application (General Information, Academic Information, Qualification Questions, and Essay Questions).

    • The application includes six short answer questions.
    • Consider the following when answering the questions:
      • Do not use ‘texting’ language.
      • The questions need to be answered in complete sentences with attention given to spelling and punctuation.
      • Create the document in Microsoft Word, utilizing spelling and grammar checks, then cut and paste into the scholarship application.
      • Tell us what your major is, what you want to do with that major, and why you chose Cloud County Community College for your education. An explanation of why you are deserving of the scholarship, including financial need, is also useful.

To be considered for Academic Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships from Cloud, a student must complete and submit the scholarship application before March 1 for the scholarship committee to review. For questions about the scholarship application process, email: