The Roar and Soar scholarship logo.

Cloud County Community College is excited to announce the establishment of the new “Roar and Soar” Scholarship, a tuition and fees scholarship for students on free and reduced lunches attending Concordia High School.


“As we’ve seen the number of dual credit students increase, we’ve identified the need for a resource in place for those students who may not be able to afford the cost of tuition and fees but have the desire and skills to be successful in a college level course,” said Cloud President Amber Knoettgen. “This scholarship directly addresses this socio-economic gap, and we are thankful to the donor family for recognizing the need and believing in providing opportunities to students who otherwise would not have them.”


The scholarship will cover one three-credit hour class at Cloud, including tuition and fees, for CHS students on free and reduced lunches, which is based on family-adjusted gross income in relation to the Kansas State Department of Education income guidelines for Free and Reduced Meals. At this time, a student can only qualify for one scholarship for a single class per semester, either spring or fall.


An anonymous donation to the College Foundation established the scholarship, which is intended to expose students to college courses who normally wouldn’t be given the opportunity due to limited resources. This endowed fund is open to donations from businesses and community members who would like to contribute.


“The donor family has graciously allowed us to open up this scholarship to donations from our community and businesses to support Concordia students as they explore higher education,” Knoettgen said. “The goal is to help students to understand that higher education is a true possibility and give them the opportunity to know they can be successful in a college setting.


“We hope to see more donations from others within our community, as an investment in the future of our youth. We hope that people will want to be a part of the impact of this scholarship.”


The Roar and Soar scholarship’s next awarding will be in fall 2024, and it is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Concordia High School students who are interested in the scholarship should contact a high school counselor or the JAG-K coordinator to fill out an application form.


To donate to the scholarship, please contact Heather Gennette, Executive Director of the Foundation, at, or 785-243-1435, ext. 235.