Residence Life Introduction Video


Hey everyone! My name is Susan Dudley, I am the Coordinator of Residence Life. That just means that I oversee all things campus housing.

I want to tell you a couple things about housing. First thing, we have two different options of housing. The first option is called Thor level and that level is more expensive. It just means that you have a single room to yourself and then you share a common space with other people. The common space could be a bathroom or a living room, depending on what building you’re in. That’s the Thor level, it’s the most expensive level.

The other level is Black and Gold level. The Black and Gold level is our least expensive option. You share a room with one other person and then you have common space with others as well.

The majority of our campus housing is apartments, so you live with three other people. Depending on what building you get the layout is a little bit different. Every apartment has a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and then two bedrooms. Depending on which apartment or building you get depends on the layout.

I also oversee RA’s or Resident Assistants. The Resident Assistants are fellow students, most of the time they are sophomores and they are here to help you with lockouts, navigating college life, roommate mediations, all that kind of stuff, that’s what our RA’s do. There is one RA per building and they are there to help you and to really help you along this journey.

We also put on programs, events, fun things to occupy your time while you are on campus and when you need a break from studying.

If you need anything, please reach out. If you haven’t already, please apply for housing. Make sure you get that application submitted so we can reserve your spot on campus. There is a $100 application fee, when you apply so just make sure you pay for that when you apply.

If you have any questions about the application, or housing, or RA’s, or just really anything, please reach out. I’m a very friendly person (I love talking!) so if you have any questions please let me know. I am so excited and I hope that I see you guys in the fall. Have a great day!

Susan Dudley, Coordinator of Residence Life