What is online learning?

Online learning is a method of learning which allows you to access your education when and where it is convenient for you. As an online learner, you'll enjoy flexibility and convenience while furthering your educational goals. Keep in mind, online is NOT synonymous with self-paced. Assignment instructions and deadlines are clearly communicated by your instructor throughout the semester to help guide you through the course.

While a majority of online learning takes place from a distance, please note all courses require 30% of the material to be proctored by a third party. Proctors can be anyone who does not have a vested interest in your learning. Online proctoring is available for a nominal fee.

Find your classes

Online classes begin at various times during the year and vary from full semester to half-semester.

Click here for a list of available courses or Course Search

To enroll in online classes:

1. Complete the  admissions application.
2. Once the application is processed by a person (usually within 1-3 working days), check your email for your iCloud ID and password.
3. Once you have your iCloud ID and password, log on to iCloud and select your classes.
Feel free to follow the student enrollment guide if you want a tutorial on enrolling in classes.

If you are having trouble with Canvas, send an email to canvashelp@cloud.edu.

If you have questions about your Tbird email account, iCloud, or single sign-on emailithelp@cloud.edu