A wind turbine technician, also known as a Wind Tech, is a person who is specially trained to prevent wind turbines from malfunctioning or stopping completely.  This is done by providing wind farms with routine inspections, troubleshooting any problems, and repairing the wind turbines when necessary.

Students in safety gear standing in front of CCCC wind turbine.Wind Techs routinely inspect wind turbines to make sure they are in good working order.  Wind turbine inspections require the technician to climb the turbine and inspect all the parts of the turbine.  If any problems are found, then the technician will note the problems and schedule it for repair.  Routine maintenance or common repairs of wind turbines include component replacement, hydraulic system repair, troubleshooting electrical issues, fluid changes, and torqueing the turbine.

Here at Cloud County Community College, we will train you in the basics of electrical functions starting from direct current and alternating current to motors and generators, transformers, and voltage regulation at the substation level.  There are also classes in hydraulics and mechanical systems.  The mechanical systems class takes you through gears and pulleys and includes laser alignment.

Since your job entails climbing and maintaining the wind turbines, in our field training and project operations class you will train at our wind farm in rope rescue, using a suspended access platform, and safe climbing techniques.

Most students attending the Wind Energy program earn their 2-year Associate of Applied Science degree.  However, we do have a 1- year Wind Energy Technician Certificate for those students who have already attained a 2 or 4-year degree in another discipline.  The degree or certificate coupled with an optional internship at one of the Kansas wind farms has resulted in a high success rate of hire within the industry for our students.

Program Learning Outcomes

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