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Qin Qin Gong

Instructor in Biological Science

Qin Qin Gong 2018Educational Background

B.S. Biology, Shan Dong University, JiNan, China 1999
M.S. Biology Plant Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, BeiJing, China, 2003
M.A. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas, 2009

Qin Qin Gong taught Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab at University of Kansas during his graduate study there. He has done cutting- edge research in several subfields of biological sciences such as biotechnology, biochemistry, plant physiology and evolutionary genetics. His current academic interest focuses on mathematical modeling and computer simulation for the study of evolutionary theory and the evolution of human behavior and culture. 

Gong is an active basketball player, volleyball and beach volleyball practitioner and lover of many other sports. He loves reading on science, arts and philosophy, sci-fi movies, staying with family and friends, and driving on the country roads.

Selected publications

  1. Gong, Q., The effects of directional epistasis on molecular evolution, Journal of Theoretical Biology, in process.
  2. Gong, Q. Q., and Tian, S. P. (2002). Partial characterization of soluble peroxidase in pericarp of litchi fruit. Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics 29 (6): 891-896.
  3. Tian, S. P., Xu, Y., Gong, Q. Q., and Jiang, A. L. (2002). Effects of controlled atmospheres on physiological properties and storability of longan fruit. Act. Horticulturae 575: 659-666.
  4. Tian, S. P., Luo, Y. B., Gong, Q. Q., and Liu, H. (2002). Effect of fungal infection on ethylene production, ACC synthase and lipoxygenase activity in tomato fruits. Acta Phytopathologica Sinica 32(2): 159-164.

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E-mail: Qin Qin Gong