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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
Law Enforcement Emphasis
Associate of Applied Science Degree

Required General Education Courses (18 credits)
CM101     English Composition I    3
CM115     Public Speaking    3
MA105     Survey of Math  or  MA110 Intermediate Algebra  or  
               MA111 College Algebra    3
Science Gen. Ed    3-4
Humanities Gen. Ed    3
SS130    Introduction to Sociology    3
Required Major Courses (27 credits)
AJ100         Introduction to Criminal Justice    3
AJ145        Agency Administration    3
AJ200        Law Enforcement Operations & Procedures    3
AJ206         Criminal Law    3
AJ207         Criminal Procedures    3
AJ209         Juvenile Delinquency and Justice    3
AJ210         Criminal Investigation    3
AJ211         Criminal Justice Interview and Report Writing    3
AJ225        Ethics in Criminal Justice    3
Required (12 credits)
Completion of  Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) or equivalent law enforcement training.
Electives (6 credits)
AJ251         Crime Scene Investigations    4
AJ112         Special Topics in Criminal Justice    3
AJ117         Constitutional Law    3
AJ140         Victimology    3
AJ114         Community Policing    3
AJ212         Crisis Intervention    3
AJ205         Criminology    3
AJ221         Computer & High Technology Crimes    3
AJ220         Cooperative Education Internship    3
AJ299         Capstone in Criminal Justice    3