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Cloud Wellness Program

Work Smart Live Well Make a Difference

VISION: Cloud County Community College will create and promote a culture of holistic health and well-being.

WORKSITE GOAL: Cloud County Community College will develop an infrastructure that supports worksite wellness.

2018-2019 Thor Wellness Program Information

The 2018-2019 Thor Wellness Program looks a little different than last year's program. There are similarities, but there are a few changes that have been made to simplify the program.

1. The 2018-2019 Thor Wellness Program's main focus is the required actions.
     - If you complete ALL FOUR PARTS (biometric screening, health physical exam, dental exam, vision exam) you will receive the choice of: 1 personal day or $50.
     - The "Required Actions" can be completed anytime before March 1, 2019
     - There is an increase in the points given for the exams, so if you do complete ALL of the REQUIRED parts, you will also accumulate 250 points that you will be able to use at the end of the wellness year. For every 50 points earned, you will receive 1 ticket. Next March, you will be able to use these 5 tickets toward the change to win some very valuable prizes in the Thor Wellness Drawing.

2. We will continue to have our "Work Well" Challenges and "Work Smart" workshops
     - There are an increased number of weeks on a few of the fitness challenges - points per week remain the same
     - There is an increase in the points given to attend Work Smart workshops (increased to 25 points)

3. We will also continue with our "Make a Difference" opportunities with a couple of clarifications
     -If you would like to share your expertise and/or organizational skills and put together a wellness workshop, enrichment class, fitness activity or stress-relieving activity, the Wellness Committee will determine the value of the activity and reward anywhere from 10 - 50 points.
     - There is an increase in the points given for participating in any of the following Wellness Activities: massage therapy visit, chiropractor visit, professional development or volunteer work.

Doctor examination forms


 Current Wellness Challenge

A Gift to Yourself
Begins December 3, 2018 and ends January 24, 2019
- The goal is 150 minutes of exercise per week. (DO NOT include normal daily activity)
     -Reach that goal and you'll receive 10 points each week
- Change up your physical activity...try some strength training, cycling, yoga, or go for a swim.
- Great time to get outside and walk!

UPCOMING WELLNESS PRESENTATIONSMake plans to attend these upcoming wellness presentations

60 Minutes of Activity for Better Health, December 7, 2018
Concordia Campus, 11 a.m., room 259
Geary County Campus, 2:30 p.m., room A2

Lunches: Box It or Bag It but Break the Eating Out Habit, February 15, 2019
Concordia Campus, 11 a.m.
Geary County Campus, 2:30 p.m., room D2