Application Form

Application Instructions

  1. To be considered, applicants must have successfully completed all admissions requirements for Cloud County Community College.
  2. Apply early. The scholarship committee will begin to award scholarships after November 1.
  3. No applications will be considered after June 1.
  4. Fields marked in Bold are required.
  5. It is imperative that you fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible.
  6. You must read and accept all the terms at the bottom of the application.

Semester you are applying for
Campus you will attend
Last Name
First Name
Student ID Number
(For Kansas residents only) County
Zip Code
High School
High School / GED graduation date
Class Rank

The Financial Need Worksheet is not required to complete your application. However, if completed, it may help you qualify for scholarships that are reserved for students with financial need.

If you have completed, or will complete, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), do NOT complete this financial need worksheet.

By completing the scholarship application, you are giving the Foundation permission to access FAFSA.

Personal Statement - Required.   

Points to consider when writing your required personal statement:

  • The personal statement is your opportunity to tell the scholarship committee about yourself. Therefore, please consider the following when writing your statement.
  • Do not use 'texting' language when writing your statement.
  • The statement needs to be written in complete sentences, with attention given to spelling and punctuation. The quality of your writing will be considered when awarding scholarships.
  • You can create the document in Microsoft Word, utilizing spelling and grammar checks, then cut and paste into the scholarship application. (Use the paste from Word button on the toolbar.)
  • Tell us what your major is, what you want to do with that major, and why you chose Cloud County Community College for your education. An explanation of why you are deserving of the scholarship, including financial need, is also useful.

  • Scholarships stated as “renewable” will only be awarded if funds are available.
  • Athletes may not be eligible for Foundation Scholarships due to NJCAA Conference rules. Please check with the Cloud County Community College Athletic Director.
  • Applicants will be notified by mail of scholarship committee selections.
  • I have read the foregoing application in full and hereby affirm that, to my knowledge, it is accurate and that I am applying for financial assistance to further my education. I further agree that Cloud County Community College is authorized to release any and all information related to verification of scholarship eligibility to both on-campus and outside scholarship committees who provide academic scholarships to Cloud County Community College students. I also give permission for my name and other general information to be released by CCCC if I am awarded a scholarship. I understand scholarships are awarded by the Cloud County Community College Foundation on a competitive basis. Completion of this application does not guarantee that any scholarship will be awarded.