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Disability Services

Advising/Retention header photo.S.N.A.P. Disability Services

What is SNAP?

SNAP (Special Needs Accommodation Planning) assists students who have documented disabilities in accessing the services they need to succeed at Cloud County Community College. At the end of the SNAP process students receive a letter of accommodation that gives them the right to ask classroom instructors for needed accommodations.

Who should apply?

  1. Students who received accommodations through high school Special Education programs or
  2. Students who have worked with Vocational Rehabilitation or a physician to document disabilities that directly affect their classroom performance.

What services can SNAP students receive?

While federal law does not allow for the alteration of course requirements, SNAP students can receive reasonable accommodations including academic adjustments and auxiliary aids. Academic adjustments are accommodations such as lengthened time to complete tests or a decreased course load. Auxiliary aids are accommodations such as tape recorders, magnifying glasses, lift keys or special seating. These accommodations are only made available to students who have completed the SNAP process.

How do I start the SNAP process?

Students wishing to receive special accommodations must provide appropriate disability documentation to Cloud's SNAP Coordinator, the Director of Advisement and Retention Services.

Attn: SNAP Coordinator
Cloud County Community College
2221 Campus Drive
P.O. Box 1002
Concordia, KS 66901

Needed documentation differs slightly depending upon each student's circumstance. Most students begin the SNAP process through one of three categories.

1. Students with physical disabilities limiting Accessibility should:

  • obtain a physician's statement documenting the disability and needed accommodations,
  • provide this statement to the SNAP Coordinator,
  • make arrangements with the SNAP Coordinator for needed accommodations (i.e. lift keys, special furniture, study aids) at least 72 hours in advance of use.

2. Students who have received Special Education academic services or have completed Vocational Rehabilitation Screening should:

  • contact their local Special Education cooperative or Vocational Rehabilitation counselor for
    • a comprehensive psychological report including aptitude and achievement testing administered within the last three years
    • IEP (Individualized Educational Plan/Program)
  • provide copies of both reports to Cloud's SNAP Coordinator.

3. Students who did NOT Receive Special Education services or have not completed Vocational Rehabilitation screening should:

  • have the disability diagnosis made by a licensed professional in a field directly related to the disability
  • realize that the college can refer students to appropriate professionals, but does not diagnosis or pay for diagnosis of disabilities
  • provide Cloud's SNAP Coordinator with a report detailing the disability, along with reason-able and appropriate accommodations for that disability.

The SNAP coordinator edits a one page letter of accommodation listing reasonable accommodations based upon the submitted reports.

Students make an appointment with the coordinator to:

  1. discuss the submitted reports
  2. determine the accommodations that have been the most successful
  3. make needed changes to the letter of accommodation

Students receive copies of their accommodation letter to give to instructors. The SNAP coordinator can NOT disclose that a student has a disability and is eligible for accommodations; only the student can disclose this information to instructors.

Once an instructor receives an accommodation letter, the student has the right to ask that instructor for any of the accommodations listed.

Students' letter of accommodation are kept on file in the coordinator's office throughout the students' career at Cloud County Community College. Students may request additional copies of their letter of accommodation.

Cloud County Community College is proud to support students with disabilities affecting their classroom performance. Receiving appropriate accommodations can be a SNAP.