Q: How do I apply for admission to Cloud County Community College?

A: Go to our web site (www.cloud.edu), click on “Prospective Students” and select “Admissions”. This will give you access to an application regardless of which campus you plan to attend. For questions regarding locations contact the Office of Admissions at ext. 212 for the Concordia Campus, the Student Services Office at ext. 714 for the Geary County Campus in Junction City, outreach sites the Community Education Office at ext. 373 and for on-line courses the Internet Clerk at ext. 750


Q: May I apply for financial aid even though I am receiving VA benefits?

A: Yes, veterans are also eligible to receive financial aid along with VA benefits.  To apply for financial aid please contact the Financial Aid Office on the Main Campus at 1-800-729-5101 ext. 281.

(Those who use benefits through MyCAA may not use any VA benefits at the same time)


Q.  How do I request a transcript of my military credits?

A.  Go to the following web site(s) and follow the directions for requesting your AARTS or

SMART transcript(s):  https://jst.doded.mil/official.html


Q: How can I be sure that the courses I am enrolling in will transfer to another institution?

A: Your Cloud County Academic Adviser will be happy to work with you in regard to what classes will transfer. It is also a good idea to contact your transfer school directly about transferability. 


Q: Will I receive VA benefits for any course I enroll in?

A: If the courses you enroll in are required for your degree, you will receive payment.  There are some courses that are not required for a degree with Cloud County, and those are considered to be “hobby” courses.  For example, Ceramics, Woodworking, Cabinetmaking, and Painting.  Once you have reached the maximum credit hours to complete an associate degree, any courses eligible for benefits must be required for your program of study. VA Benefits will not cover any developmental or below 100 level courses that are online.  Also, some repeated courses may not be eligible for benefits please contact your School Certifying Official for more information. SCO contact information


Q: Once I have completed all the requirements for a degree with Cloud County how do I receive my diploma?

A: You should fill out a Petition for Graduation with your adviser after they have checked your degree requirements. This usually happens the last semester you are a student with Cloud County. There may be an extra fee for this process that is usually included on your billing for the spring semester. If you are not enrolling for the spring, you may send payment with your Petition for Graduation.


Q:How do I transfer my credits from Cloud County to another institution?

A: Go to our web site (www.cloud.edu), click on “i-Cloud” on the lower left side of the main web page and find “Transcript Requests” under “Campus Resources”. Print the form off, fill it out completely and select the method of delivery and payment at the bottom of the form. Your transcript request will be processed within five business days of the day it is received.