T-Bird Debit Card

Federal Regulations – Cash Management

 In an effort to protect students and insure their best interest, the U.S. Department of Education published new cash management regulations (34FR668.161-167) via the Federal Register on October, 15, 2015. The Program Integrity and Improvement rules require Cloud County Community College to maintain, account and disburse Title IV funds in accordance with these regulations. In addition, refunding credit balances associated with Federal Title Iv should always be in the best interest of the student. This webpage is published to comply with these regulatory reporting requirements.

On November 18, 2013, Cloud County Community College entered into a banking services agreement with Central National Bank. The agreement does not include services for handling student related Title IV credit balance refunds. However, since many CCCC students bank with CNB the U.S. Department of Education requires that CCCC publish the agreement for public review by September 1, 2016.

By July 1, 2017, CCCC is required to list major features and commonly assessed fees using the prescribed format being developed by the Consumer Financial Protections Board (CFPB). At this time the prescribed format has not been released, however as a good faith effort we provide the CNB Fee sheet associated with CNB accounts below.

By July 1, 2018 CCCC is required to disclose the total consideration, monetary and non-monetary, paid or received by the parties under the agreement and update this information within 60 days of the new award year (academic year). In addition, CCCC is required to disclose agreement data such as number of students with CNB account and the mean and median costs associated with these accounts within 60 days of the new award year.

NOTE: All disclosures relating to these new regulations and banking services contract will be made to this webpage.

Students are not required to have a bank account with CNB to receive their refund via direct deposit (ACH). Cloud County Community College encourages student to shop around for a banking partner that best fits their financial situation and needs.

Banking Services Agreement and Disclosure


Cloud CountTbird debit cardy Community College and Central National Bank have partnered together to offer the T-Bird Debit Card. For more information, visit the Debit Card Portal through Central National Bank. On this site you will find detailed information on how to obtain a T-Bird Debit Card and how you can earn rewards and get stuff simply by using your card!