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Cloud County Community College offers students a chance to compete on a national stage in Crops/Soils Judging. CCCC is the only community college in the country which competes at the Collegiate Crops Contest in Kansas City and Chicago. CCCC has beaten numerous four-year schools over the past few years at this competition.

Activities support the agronomy curriculum by further developing  student’s knowledge and providing practical application in preparation for employment. The team competes at the highest level by traveling to national competitions. After participating on these teams, students will very prepared for judging at the senior college level.

CCCC also competes at the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Contest each year. This contest offers competitors a chance to travel around the country and compete. In the past few years, the NACTA contest has been held in Coffeyville, Kan., Modesto, Calif., Wooster, Ohio and Tarleton, Tex.

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