T-Bird Alert, Emergency Notification

Cloud County Community College has partnered with REGROUP to provide a broad based emergency notification system for Cloud students, faculty, and staff. Emergency messages can be delivered in many different ways: email, text messages/SMS, voice broadcast, website, RSS, pages, mobile devices, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Each student, staff, and faculty member will be automatically enrolled in the system and will have the option to choose what format they would like to receive emergency notification messages.

Regroup Signup Instructions

If you don’t already have an account:

1. Go to: www.regroup.com/signup
2. Click on: Forgot password
3. Enter email address and submit

Note: If you get a message saying “email not recognized” or something to that effect, please call Janet Eubanks at 785-243-1435 for further instructions.

Go to email account, open email from Regroup
4. Click on link
5. Enter password
6. Confirm password
7. Save

Will be taken to your account on the Regroup website

8. Click on the “profile" icon in the upper right hand corner.
9. Click on "my profile".
10. Scroll down to add phone numbers, change address, etc….

If you already have an account:

1. Go to www.regroup.com
2. Sign in
3. Manage account from “my profile” tab in top right hand corner

  • Change or add email addresses, cell phone numbers, land lines. Method of delivery.