SAFE T-BIRDS: Be an ACTIVE Bystander

KNOW the Facts
Cloud County Community College asks every one of the CCCC family to be an active bystander. Being an active bystander shows that you care about the Cloud community. When you witness any troubling behavior, take action to make sure that CCCC is a safe place. Being aware, and responding are key to become an active bystander. See something, say something and do something.

There are many examples for becoming an active bystander. If you observe any of the following behaviors, you need to say something to keep CCCC and our community safe.

Say NO to These Behaviors

* disrespectful or abusive behavior
* homophobic
* racist or sexist jokes
* discrimination
* risky behavior resulting from substance use
* hate behavior or comments
* taking advantage of power imbalances such as status, size, or level of inebriation.

Just Ask

* Are you OK?
* Can I talk to you for a second?
* That’s really not cool.

Be Safe

1. Use Backups
* Get your friends together- it’s time to leave
* Get your friends for back-up. Sometimes having your friends to back you up makes it easier to intervene.
* If intervening in the situation would be dangerous for you to do, contact CAMPUS SECURITY OR call 911—it’s always an option for intervention.

2. Use Distraction
* Invite yourself to tag along
* Hey, this party is lame, let’s go somewhere else.

3. Use the Silent Stare
* Sometimes a disapproving look can be far more powerful than words

4. Use Humor
* Reduces the tension of an intervention and makes it easier for the person to hear you.
* Do not undermine what you say with too much humor. Funny doesn't mean unimportant

5. Use Disapproval
* Say something, "I hope no one ever talks to you like that."
* Challenge a sexist/rape joke, "I don’t get it, can you explain why that joke is funny?

6. Use Friendship
* "I gotta tell you that the way you acted makes you look like a jerk."
* "As your friend, I thought you were better than this.”

Report It

You have a right to be safe.
* Communicate your concerns to a friend or parent.
* Contact the VP for Student Affairs and Advancement, tell a faculty member, or a CCCC Staff member.

The SAFE T-BIRDS program is Cloud County Community College's prevention and education efforts to help stop relationship violence in support of title IX, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, the SaVE Act and Clery Act.