Trio Introduction Video


Hi, I’m Keela Andrews, I am the TRIO Director at Cloud County Community College. I am primarily located on the Geary County Campus but I do travel to the Concordia campus at least once a week.

Hi, I’m Tara Shrake and I am the Assistant Director and I’m located on the Concordia Campus.

Hi, I’m Jennie Thrash, I’m an Academic Specialist at the Concordia Campus.

Hi, I’m Taryn and I’m on the Geary County Campus as an Academic Specialist.

Some of the services TRIO offers are listed below (Academic Assistance, Individualized Tutoring, Career Development, Transfer Guidance, Campus Visits, Cultural Events, Individual Mentoring, Financial Aid Counseling, Financial Literacy, Non-Cognitive Workshops, Referral Services).

We offer all of these services to our active TRIO students. Like a buffet, we offer all of them, but you get to tailor your services to your own needs. Some of the most often used services are academic assistance, campus visits, cultural events, and financial aid counseling and literacy.

Some of the benefits that TRIO offers are:

FREE Services- located on Concordia and Junction City campuses, 4-year university application fee waivers, assistance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), assistance in finding scholarships, academic and emotional support, quiet study spaces on both campuses, active TRIO students are 8 times more likely to graduate.

In order to be eligible for TRIO you must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident. There are three ways that you can qualify: If you are a first-generation college student (which means neither of your parents have a bachelor’s degree) then you automatically qualify. Another way is if you are receiving a Pell Grant, and a third way is if you have a Disability Support Services file on record with Cloud Count Community College or if you had an IEP in high school.

So how do you apply for this wonderful program? You can go to the Cloud Now app, enter TRIO into the Search, and select your campus (either the Concordia or Geary County campus). Then click on Info and Apply Here. You’ll just fill out that application and we will contact you. Or you can go to click on Academics, and then TRIO then click on Apply for TRIO and fill out that same survey which you fill out. If you ever have any problems filling out the survey, don’t feel like you need to answer every question perfectly. We can always help you later.

We also have this information slide so you can contact anyone of us and we can point you in the right direction for applying for TRIO. Welcome to TRIO when we see you!

Located on the Junction City Campus: Keela Andrews, Director Taryn Cipra, Academic Specialist

Located on the Concordia Campus: Tara Shrake, Assistant Director Jennifer Thrash, Academic Specialist