Student Records Introduction Video


Hi, there, future T-Birds. Welcome to Cloud, we hope you are all doing well! My name is Cassie Wurtz and I am the Registrar in the Student Records Office. I’m going to give you some brief information about our office and the things that we do.

Our staff: Karen Leiszler, she is our Computer Data Specialist. She handles all the transcripts that get sent out from requests that we receive in person or else through Parchment. Patti Elliot is the Assistant Registrar and our VA Representative. So if we have any veterans out there, she is going to be your go-to for the Concordia Campus. Me, Cassie Wurtz, I’m the Registrar and I do all the transcript evaluations whenever we get those transcripts in from other colleges, I get those evaluated and posted to your Cloud transcript.

What we do: We are the keeper of all the academic records here at Cloud. So everything that you would have academically with us, we would have all that information. Here is a list of other highlights with our office.

The FERPA Release Form (that will be something your enrollment packet) and that is going to give us permission to talk to mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle… whoever you want to have access to any type of academic record at Cloud, so if they happen to call in, their name has to be on that form for us to talk with about your account.

Sending transcript, transcript evaluations, proof of enrollment. If you need proof of enrollment for your insurance, we can get forms filled out for that. Personal information updates, whether you need to change emails, phone numbers, addresses, come see us for that. We confer degrees. We work with our Veterans, come see Patti with that. She’s great and can help you with that. So the best way to contact us right now is through email That goes to all three of us and one of us will get back to any questions/concerns that you may have. Our direct number and the extensions you can reach us are (785) 243-1435 - Veterans Representative (ext. 207), Transcript Evaluations (ext. 208), Transcript Requests (ext. 209).

That’s basically the brief of the Student Records Office here at Cloud. I want you guys to have a great Summer and we can’t wait to see you in the fall!

Cassie Wurtz- Registrar