GCC Mental Health Counselor Introduction Video


Hi! I’m Maria Ellis, Cloud County’s mental health therapist. College is an exciting time in life, full of opportunities for personal growth, greater independence, and exploration of new experiences. And while there’s lots to be excited about when it comes to new experiences, it can also sometimes be stressful.

Sometimes, that stress can impact our mental health, making it difficult to manage our daily demands of school. For many students, it’s not just school demands you have to deal with. Demands and expectations associated with being a spouse, a parent, or an employee often compete with academic demands. That can lead to stress overload.

Here at Cloud, we want you to know that while your academic needs are important, your mental health needs are important, too. That’s where I come in! I’m on campus every week during the semester to assist students who may be experiencing a mental health challenge. Whether your stress is related to academics, time management, relationships, finances, or you’re just feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do, I’m here to help.

I have both walk-in and scheduled appointments available, depending on what works best for you. As a student, there’s no cost to see me on campus and all services are confidential. We all sometimes need a little help when life gets tough. Don’t take on the burden of what you’re going through alone. Reach out so others can support you. We all have challenging times in life and we need to lean on family, friends and sometimes a professional for support.

Here at Cloud, we want you to know you’re not alone. We care about you and are here to help when you need us. Feel free to stop in at my office when you are on campus; I look forward to meeting you.

Maria Ellis, LSCSW