Financial Aid Introduction Video


Hi, I’m Kimberly Cashman. I’m Courtney Stensaas. We’re with the Financial Aid Office and we are not just employees of the college, but we’re prior Cloud students and we want to walk through a PowerPoint with you that goes over some of the finer points of filling out a FAFSA as well as what to expect.

Ok so we are going to switch over to a PowerPoint real quick so you can follow along with us as we go over some Financial Aid “What you Need to Know” and how we can help.

The first step is completing the FAFSA and Kimberly can tell you about that. Make sure you go out to , create a FSA ID, and work through your FAFSA. When you’re working through your FAFSA make sure to put in Cloud’s School Code under the School Selection Section (which is 001909), that way you don’t have to search for the school. You’ll want to make sure you complete it and submit it online.

Once you submit, it does takes about 3-5 business days for the Department of Education to process it and send it to our institution, so give us about a week before you call and ask if we’ve got it.

After you submit it, we will do our initial review of the FAFSA that you submitted. We will send you a letter and an email (both), asking for additional documentation if we require it. Where you can get most of these forms is on our website, it will be under Financial Aid – Forms and Worksheets and for this upcoming academic year, you’ll want to make sure you are looking under the 2020-2021 year to make sure you get the correct documentation.

Some other documentation may need to be provided by either the IRS or yourself – you can contact us if you are unsure on what you need to submit. Then if we no longer need any further documentation, you’ll receive an Offer Letter and that will give you some more details on your Financial Aid eligibility.

Now, when you are looking at these webpages (and we do have two screenshots here for you) the first one on the left-hand side is the 20—21 Forms and Worksheets page. This is what you’ll see on our website when you’re looking for the specific forms. What we’re asking for in the letter when we say additional documentation will match what we have listed here.

Also note, just around the beginning of the Summer 2020 semester, we will have information about how to submit electronically your documentation to us. This will be for both parents and students so this way you don’t have to snail-mail it to us or try to scan and email it.

Also one thing to keep in mind this is what Page 1 of the Financial Aid Offer Letter looks like. Our offer letters typically are only packaged with Pell Grant and the Federal Supplemental Grants on the Offer Letter. Loan information is included within this letter but it is on separate pages. We want to make sure you understand what you are eligible for as well as understanding that these are loans that have to be repaid back.

So you’ll only see your Pell Grants (so the “free money” first) and then you have to ask for the money you have to pay back, so keep that in mind when you’re looking through that aid offer.

Some other common required items that we still need from students about this stage where you’re at is the Federal Work Study application and that is a work program through the federal government, so that’s a good thing to look into if you know you’re going to want an on-campus job