Concordia Campus Retention Introduction Video


Hello, Thunderbirds! This is Drew Mahin with Cloud County Community College, I’m a Retention Specialist but I also coach Cross Country and Track in the afternoon. I’ve been here for seven years, I’m originally from Courtland, KS; I graduated from Fort Hays State and taught at Phillipsburg High School for one year before I was lucky enough to come back to Cloud and be able to coach and teach and work with our students in many different roles.

I teach College Skills for all freshman and we are trying to go through keys for success, whether it is communication skills, connecting to the community, talk about financial planning for the future. We go over a lot of different departments and support services that we provide here at Cloud through College skills and it is a vital class in order to get our kids kick-started to success here.

One of the biggest keys to success for many of our students is how involved are you in the community that you live in? The more involved you are within your faculty, staff, the community events, the activities, the athletics here on campus, we see a higher rate for success. Basically, the busier you are, the more involved you are, the more success we have available for you, and typically the grades stay more stable between a 3.5 to 3.0 GPA range for the busier students that we have.

In the mornings, I work retention. My retention office hours are 8:00 am to noon. The office is located as part of the Advisement pod in the Student Union. My office door is located directly across from the game room, so if you need to try to find me you can check in the Advisement Office or through the game room side of that entrance.

In the afternoons I am coaching and recruiting. Throughout the fall it’s Cross County and January through May we have indoor and outdoor tack. Many students will be stopping in my office asking questions about on transcripts, on financial questions, on “how do I communicate with an instructor?” “what do I do if I need to drop a class?”

We have a lot of questions that get asked quite often here at Cloud for freshman, but everybody on our campus has been in different offices or knows where to send you for the correct answer. We’re very connected within our campus, the teachers are very connected (they’ll know your first name, know you’re last name, what activities you’re involved with.)

I think that’s the best part of my job and the community here at Cloud, we don’t just care about you as a grade, we don’t just care about you as a part of your athletics or activities. We really do care about where you’re headed in the future and how we can help support you in those goals.

We work with a number of different students every year, whether they are agriculture, teaching, business, English majors, science majors… No matter which major that you have, your advisor is going to be vital in your success, your teachers are going to be vital in your success, but also within the student success center we have different services provided there that have tutoring available from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday to Thursday; on Fridays they are open from until 5:00 pm; and it’s completely free!

We have a lot of different ways that you can be connected through the community. Student Services provides activities on campus or intramurals. We have Brenda Hanson in the Career Center that can get you involved in internships and can get you involved in off-campus jobs.

I just think that we do a great job of connecting our students to possibilities that can enhance their career or just make their time here at Cloud more enjoyable.