Career Center Introduction Video


Hi! I’m Brenda Hanson I’m the Career Center Director and I’m here to help you with all kinds of career services. Are you undecided about a major or what career you want to go into? If that’s the case, let me know! We can work together. I have a variety of assessments and inventories you can take; they are online at my website if you want to do that (they are self-scoring). It’s always a good to get together and we can pursue other avenues as well.

So that’s one really good way to start, but you may also have a pretty good idea of what you want to go into but maybe not quite sure. You might want to think about doing an internship that’s where you get college credit for hands-on work experience, working side-by-side with a professional out in the community. Or you may just want to do a job shadow, and that’s where you just spend a few hours with a professional to get questions answered and to get more advice about going into that particular career that you’re interested in.

You may also need a job while you’re here at Cloud and I do off-campus placement, so you don’t have to have any qualifications for this particular situation of jobs, just let me know what kind of jobs you are interested in and I will start searching for you a job. The other think you can do is look at the job vacancy bulletin which is online, it’s updated every day, but if I know what kind of a job you might be interested in, it's always good that way I know about some potential jobs that may not be listed on the job bulletin as well.

And of course if you’re thinking about a career, you’re going to need a resume. Some of the classes you’re taking like (English Composition I and II) require you to complete a resume and so I have lots of information and help to help you get that resume completed, as well as a cover letter.

If you are going out into the workforce you may not have had to have done an interview before, and I can also help you, we can practice that.

So as you can see, I have lots of information and services available to you. I also work with the community, so if you know someone who can benefit from services, let them know about the Career Center. We’re looking forward to having you on campus and online, if there is anything I can do to help you, let me know. You can email me at or you call me and we will get together one way or another. Look forward to working with you!

Brenda Hanson – Career Center