Bookstore Introduction Video


Hi, T-Birds! My name is Brent Cox and I’m the manager of the T-Bird Bookstore here at Cloud County Community College. I’d like to offer some information today about the bookstore and the services that we offer. And some things that we very excited for, coming in Fall 2020.

The bookstore is located right inside Entrance 3. We’re right next to the T-Bird Cafeteria. We are open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm during the school year and then during the summer we are open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday.

We take pride in being your one-stop-shop for all things T-Bird. That includes things like course materials and any kind of general merchandise you can think of. We have hoodies, we have shirts, we have shorts… We have pretty much anything you are going to need. We’re very proud to be able to offer that to you guys.

And then coming this fall, the thing that we are most excited about, is that we are launching our TBooks Program. The TBooks program is an Inclusive Access program that is provided by RedShelf. All that you have to do the first day of class is log into your account and your e-book is right there. You’ve already been billed for it, it’s already there waiting for you so you don’t need to come to the bookstore and wait in line or anything like that. Your course materials are just right there waiting for you. We will be offering more information about that via email; that will come later this summer.

We also update our Facebook page regularly- look for us at CCCC T-Bird Bookstore on Facebook. Also look for us at, that is our website and we also offer information on there as well.

We also have our online shop there, so if you want to can look for a shirt you like – go for it! You can also order those things and have us ship them to you, or you can have us hold them for you at the store. Either way you can come pick them up, that will help you save some shipping money.

Otherwise we are so excited to have you guys coming in the Fall – TBooks are going to be awesome! Another thing I forgot to mention, we will also be offering a program where you can purchase a Chromebook with your Financial Aid; or you can purchase a laptop. You can purchase those with Financial Aid or you can pay for them by regular means as well. We take credit card, we take check, we take cash; pretty much any form of payment we will accept from you. You can use that to pay for your laptop or any purchase at the store. We accept all of those payment methods. If you have any more questions, please email us at We can also be reached at (785) 243-1435, my extension is 288. If you have any questions about your course materials or anything like that, please feel free to call me – I love to talk to our students! Also check our Facebook page and our website, which I mentioned before.

Other than that, we are very excited to see you guys in the fall. Thank you so much for choosing Cloud County Community College. If you ever need anything, stop by the bookstore and we will do what we can to take care of you. Thank you guys, have a great day!

Brent Cox, Bookstore Manager