Academic and Retention Support Introduction Video


Hi! I’m Crystal Davis and I’m here at Cloud County Community College on the Geary County Campus and I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what I do and most of all to let you know that I am here to help you succeed.

In my role as the Academic and Retention Support Specialist, I’m here to help students remain in good standing and students who are on Academic Probation to help them navigate through getting back on track and coming back to full standing at the college.

We have a variety of resources here and now most of those are virtual resources.

In my second role as the Disability Services Coordinator what I do there is to help students with disabilities navigate the college process and be successful while they’re here on campus. We also can do that virtually and upon your documents (and verification of those documents), we are able to provide a Letter of Accommodation to you as well as your instructors. I am also available throughout the semester to help you with things you may need and things that come up as the semester progresses.

And finally, in my third role here on campus, I work as the Title IX Deputy Coordinator. In that role, I help students and staff navigate instances of sexual harassment as well any instances of unwanted attention on campus by staff or students.

Overall I’m here to help students succeed and I must say that we miss you terribly here on campus and we can’t wait for your return. And while we are waiting and in the meantime, please continue to practice physical distancing, of course wash your hands, and know that we are here and available for you. My email if you need to reach out to me is I’m also available to talk to you by phone and also on Zoom, like the one you’re seeing right now. Please stay safe this summer, good look on your finals, and we look forward to seeing you at Cloud. Bye bye.

Dr. Crystal J. Davis – Academic and Retention Support Specialist