Cloud County Community College Workforce Development and Outreach (WFDO) invites you to share with others! We are inviting
community members like you to expand growth opportunities in our Cloud County Community College communities. We value
enthusiastic, fun, educational, energetic opportunities for community members like yourself who enjoy presenting interesting
topics for growth in others.

WFDO community education classes are scheduled around your available free time and delivered in a manner of your choosing.
What type of classes are we looking for? ANY! Share your hobbies, passions, and ideas, for example: Games for keeping children
engaged, mentoring, tutoring, counseling, parenting skills, military spouses unite, FFA, 4-H, woodworking, sewing, canning,
language(s), financial literacy, camping, kayaking, baking, will/trust planning, standardized test prep, coding, quilting,
star gazing, drone requirements/piloting, first aid/CPR, gaming, art projects for all ages, bird watching, crime scene
investigation, personal finance, how to use social media for marketing, leadership, nutrition, music, personal fitness,
geocaching, and gaming.

Whatever your interest is, we will collaborate with you to find others like you that want to be lifelong learners!

Ready to teach a class? Have an idea for a class? Please submit your idea through the link below.