The Cloud County Community College Honors Program is open to students who meet at least one of the following minimum criteria:
·         ACT composite score of 25 or higher*
·         SAT score of 1150
·         High school GPA of 3.50
·         GPA of 3.50 or higher based on a minimum of 12 hours of college level courses (and ability to take college level math/English)
·         Current or accepted member of PTK who meet the above criteria
·         Complete an application for the Honors Global Scholars Program.
*Candidates must meet all college-readiness benchmarks in math, reading, and writing.

Students in the Honors Program must maintain a minimum cumulative college GPA of 3.25 to maintain good standing. This requirement will be based solely on grades earned at CCCC, will apply to all students admitted to the program, and cannot be waived.

In order to graduate with recognition as an Honors student, students:
·         must be continuously enrolled for at least 12 credit hours each term.
·         Be enrolled in one honors course or honors contract each semester
·         Be enrolled in Humanities 201 each semester
·         Maintain an electronic portfolio in the college learning management system.
·         Present at a State, Regional or National Honors Conference or similar
·         And be involved in service learning, leadership or community services with the Honors program

Benefits of membership in the Honors Program:

·         Early enrollment
·         Institutional commitment to provide student scholarship opportunities: PTK Convention NCHC Convention
·         Resume-building to increase life / job skills and increase success of transfer
          o   Service learning
          o   Leadership opportunities within the organization.
·         One-on-one faculty mentoring (success in college, involvement, service, etc.)
·         Scholarships
·         Articulations for guaranteed acceptance with University of Kansas are being explored
·         Honors Graduate on transcript and diploma
·         Individual letters of recommendation from faculty mentors / honors committee