Our Students Succeed!

Blanca Pruitt, GED success storyBlanca Pruitt is a native of Honduras. After obtaining her GED through Cloud County Community College, Blanca continued her education at CCCC where she played soccer and tutored seven subjects in the Learning Skills Center for two years. After receiving her Associates of Science Degree, Blanca transferred to Kansas State University where she worked on a dual major in Science and English Secondary Education with a minor in Spanish. Blanca’s achievements & activities at KSU included the McNair Scholars Program, the KSU Rugby team, NSE Students International Abroad, KNEA, and the Navigators Christian Club. Based on her 4.0 GPA, Blanca received a full scholarship to play soccer and continue her education at the University of Hawaii.







AE success, GCC gradSynora (Nora) Joseph, an Alaskan native, exemplified determination as she overcame the obstacles of being the youngest child in a large family raised by a single mother. Despite hard times and many challenges, including dropping out of school, Nora learned to work hard and stay focused on what she wanted. Even though she was successful in the retail world, Nora wanted to be able to fill out a job application and honestly identify herself as a high school graduate.
     While her husband was stationed in Germany, Nora decided it was time to get that diploma. She bought a book and diligently studied. After taking the test, she passed four of the sections with flying colors, but failed to pass the math section. She persisted and kept trying to teach herself with all the G.E.D. preparation books she could find. However, with each test math continued to be a roadblock to her success.
      In 2007, Nora’s husband was transferred to Fort Riley, and Nora enrolled in the Cloud County Community College AE Program at the Geary County Campus in Junction City. During her two years in the CCCC AE Program, Nora became an inspiration to all students through her motivation, diligence, and determination. She would often be heard saying things like, “If I can do this at 40, you can definitely do this at 18.”
     Even with her hard work, fortitude, and high OPT scores, Nora just could not pass the GED math test. Eventually it was discovered that Nora had math testing anxiety. Finally, with accommodations, Nora passed the entire GED. Over a span of six years, countless hours of studying, endless support, unwavering determination, and eight GED exams, Nora achieved her goal. However, Nora did not stop with her high school diploma; she went on to complete the coursework at the American Academy of Cosmetology. Nora’s future plans include getting an associate’s degree in business and opening her own salon.

Cheryl, GED success storyCheryl Lomangino, exemplified determination as she overcame the obstacles of being the youngest child in a large family raised by a single mother. Cheryl suffered many hard times and challenges including dropping out of school, being a single mother of five children, and being addicted to drugs. Cheryl credits her second husband’s encouragement and support for helping her start a better life.

     Cheryl began attending the Adult Basic Education Program at Cloud County Community College’s Geary County Campus to work toward earning a State of Kansas High School Diploma. After six months and 170 hours, Cheryl achieved this goal. However, while working with Stacy Brown, Coordinator and Instructor, Cheryl became inspired to reach higher when setting future goals. Cheryl was interested in Nursing, but never imagined that it could become a reality for her until Stacy assisted her with becoming part of a new CCCC ABE program.

     The ABE program at Cloud County Community College was awarded the Kansas Health Professionals Opportunity Project grant in May, 2011. This funding provided the opportunity for ABE students to enroll in a CNA program while working toward obtaining their GED®. KHPOP program participants were provided with tuition, books and materials, as well as uniforms. Some students, such as Cheryl, were also given assistance with child care and transportation to and from classes.

     After obtaining her Kansas CNA certification, Cheryl began full-time employment as a CNA. She also became a Pre-Nursing student at the Geary County Campus and was elected President of the Gary County Campus student body.

     During her public speaking class, Cheryl presented Stacy with a Certificate of Appreciation, saying, “I am truly grateful for the opportunity that was given me. Your unwavering encouragement and inspiration never allowed me to quit! I hope to give back and help others the way you helped me.”