Essential Functions

Students admitted to the Cloud County Community College Nursing program are expected to consistently demonstrate the following capabilities:

Emotional Stability

Emotional stability sufficient to assume responsibility/accountability for words and actions

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal ability sufficient to interact effectively with individuals, families and groups respecting social, cultural, and spiritual diversity

Communication Skills

Ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in oral and written form

Ethical and Legal Behaviors

Follow established guidelines of the profession to maintain accepted standards in the education and practice setting

  • Pass a background/security check to be admitted for clinical experiences without limitations
  • Demonstrate integrity in all behaviors

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking ability to exercise sound judgment in the student role

Analytical Thinking

Reasoning skills sufficient to perform deductive/inductive thinking in the student role


Reading ability sufficient to comprehend the written word at a minimum of a tenth grade level.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills sufficient to perform manual psychomotor skills integral to the student role

Physical Endurance & Strength

Physical strength and endurance sufficient to perform full range of required client care activites for entire length of work shift

  • Move or lift light objects weighing up to 5 pounds over head (i.e. hanging IVs, irrigations)
  • Move heavy objects weighing over 25 pounds (i.e. turning a client in bed)
  • Carry equipment and supplies
  • Pulling and pushing equipment over 25 pounds (i.e. moving a hospital bed)


Physical ability sufficient to move from place to place in order to perform nursing activities safely and with sufficient speed

  • Stand and maintain balance
  • Bend, stoop and squat


Auditory ability sufficient to perform client care

  • Hear faint body sounds (i.e. blood pressure sounds)
  • Hear auditory alarms (i.e. monitors, fire alarms, call bells)
  • Hear normal speaking level sounds (i.e. person to person interaction)


Visual ability sufficient for accurate observation and performance in the student role


Tactile ability sufficient for physical monitoring and assessment

Patterns of Behavior

Students are expected to demonstrate patterns of responsible behavior