The Associate of Arts Program at Cloud
County Community College offers a cA photo of students drawing.urriculum that is designed to prepare students for a major in art. Humanities/Fine Arts help people understand, analyze and explore the human condition.

Courses that the students will take within the two year program include some of the following courses: Art Appreciation, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Digital Photography, and Graphic Software Applications.

Students in the visual communications program gain the skills and the technical knowledge to be competitive within the workforce after receiving the two-year Associate of Arts degree. Students in the Art program are looking for jobs to pursue a career in visual communications as a designer, graphic artist, creative director, website designer, digital photographer, or fine artist.

Students who are planning to complete a four-year degree should enroll in the AA program.

If you are interested in taking an online course, we currently offer AR100 Art Appreciation online.

To see the list of courses required to obtain the AA degree, click HERE.

Program Learning Outcomes

Printable Degree/Certificate Planning Guide

A photo of Amy Kern.
Amy Kern

Instructor in Visual Communications

• Drawing

• Painting

• Mixed Media

• Graphic Design

• Digital Photography

• Graphic Software Applications

• Adobe Creative Suite