Student Organizations

Besides the academic programs, Cloud also offers students the opportunity to participate in activities related to agriculture. In addition to judging contests, students can participate in KACTA and NACTA, which are two contests geared toward agriculture mechanics, science, and business management.

Find out more information about these student activities by clicking on the links below:

Crops Judging
Horse Judging
Livestock Judging
Equestrian Team

Additional AG clubs at Cloud County Community College:
Collegiate FFA - open to all ag majors
Agronomy Club - agronomy majors
Block and Bridle - animal science majors
Collegiate Farm Bureau - any ag major
Rodeo Club - students competing in College Rodeo

Cooperative Education Internship

This program is recommended for either Career or Transfer students who desire on-the-job experience in their specialized area of agriculture. This allows the student to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real life situations. In most cases, the student receives income for their work, while receiving credit toward completion of a degree.
Most cooperative education internships are conducted during the summer between the freshman and sophomore year. Some students have internships while they are attending classes on campus during their sophomore year if their internship is within reasonable driving distance.
A student will not be permitted to return to his/her home farm or a previous employer’s farm or business for the cooperative education internship experience. Placement will be made in the best interest of the student and the cooperative employer.