Academic Accountability

According to its mission, Cloud County Community College prepares students to lead successful lives so that they may enhance the vitality of their communities. Among our Guiding Values is Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of ethics and public stewardship. For more on our Mission Statement and Guiding Values, click here

In accordance with our mission and guiding values we hold ourselves accountable for our success record. The following information is provided as a part of this accountability.

This page includes information about graduation rates, retention rates, Student Achievement Measure, industry placement, and academic outcome assessment.

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Graduation Rates                


2 years

3 years

4 years

Fall 2016 Cohort




Fall 2017 Cohort




For more institutional data, please see our Regulatory Reporting Page or visit the Kansas Board of Regents Data Book

Transfer Rates

18% of the Fall 2018 student cohort transferred to another institution. 47% of students in the same cohort completed their studies either at Cloud or at a different academic institution within three years of starting their course of study at Cloud. 

According to the Fall 2017 KBOR Transfer Feedback Report, when Cloud students transfer to a four-year university, their academic performance is comparable to both students who started their studies at the university and to students who transferred in from other Kansas community colleges.

Sources: National Center for Education Statistics and the Fall 2017 KBOR Transfer Feedback Report.

Retention Rates

Full-Time Students: 58%

Part-Time Students: 48%

This percentage is based on first-time students entering Fall 2020 returning in Fall 2021. It does not account for students who enrolled in Fall 2020 and transferred to a four-year institution before Fall 2021. Source: National Center for Education Statistics

For more institutional data, please see our Regulatory Reporting Page or visit the Kansas Board of Regents Data Book

Student Achievement Measure 

The Student Achievement Measure (SAM) provides a more-accurate picture of student success by tracking the movement of students through multiple post-secondary institutions. The measure calculates a percentage of students who have graduated from Cloud, are enrolled at Cloud, or who have transferred to another institution. For more information about SAM, click here.

All students: 84%

Full-time students: 98%

Part-time students: 47%

For more information about Cloud's numbers, view the graphic below or click here to view Cloud's profile on the SAM website.

Industry Placement 

As a part of annual program review, Individual academic departments track industry placement for those students who did not transfer to a four-year institution. Additional departments and years will be added as data becomes available.



NCLEX-RN Licensure

Program Completion Rate

Employment Rate (in a healthcare related field)






















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2015-2016: 78% of students who did not transfer to a four-year institution found industry employment.

Source: 2015-2016 Agriculture Program Review

Academic Outcome Assessment

Each Cloud County Community College course is focused on specific Student Learning Outcomes (also known as Course Outcomes). Each semester, faculty members assess student learning based on these outcomes.

Student work in general education courses is also assessed against general education outcomes. 

For more information on academic assessment, please visit our Assessment page.