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Mission Statement:

The Office of the Chief Information Officer will assist in advancing the mission of Cloud County Community College by leading the effort to complete state and federal reporting, assist in accreditation reporting, provide data and information to faculty and administration which will aid in planning, decision-making, reporting, and assessment needs and requirements, and maximize efficiency of information flow and management. The CIO sets forth the following objectives:

1) Organize and lead the effort to accurately complete required state, federal, and other administration- and/or college-level reports; assist the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success with accreditation reporting needs;

2) In conjunction with all departments:
a) work to ensure accuracy, precision, and integrity of college data and information;
b) serve as the chairperson for the Data, Information, and Process Management Committee; work to streamline processes by which departments and student information system (SIS/Jenzabar) users interact with data and information; continue to improve information management;
c) consolidate and manage data and information custodial responsibilities

3) Analyze and report on data resulting from the daily operations of the college in all administrative and academic areas, or, collect primary data for specific purposes, with the expressed goals of improving the overall quality and operating efficiency of the institution; respond to requests for special research projects and dataset analysis at any level of the college.

Diane Leif
Cloud County Community College
Concordia Campus
2221 Campus Drive
Concordia, KS. 66901
800-729-5101 ext. 201