How to access your grades


You can use iCloud to access your midterm and final grades. iCloud will also store your grades for past semesters, so at any time, you can look up that information. Besides storing a record of your grades, there are a few other useful tools in iCloud that you may want to explore:

  • GPA Projection - Project what your GPA will be, based on grades for your current classes.
  • GPA Calculator - Helps you calculate a final GPA based on credits and average GPA.
  • Unofficial Transcript - Displays a copy of all your courses, grades, and GPA. For an official transcript, visit the Registrar's Office on the Concordia Campus, or visit the Transcript Request page.

We have created a tutorial to guide students through the process of logging in to iCloud for the first time. Concordia students who do not know their username or password can contact the Advising Office, which is located in the Student Union. Geary students can contact the Student Services office, located in Building A. Alternatively, students can contact the IT Office by email.