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International Insurance

International Student Insurance

Beginning with the Spring 2015 semester, students on a F1 Visa are required to have proof of international student health insurance. Cloud County Community College (CCCC) has selected International Student Insurance (ISI) to provide the policies.  F1 students must purchase the health insurance prior to attending classes or college activities.

Students are required to purchase insurance per semester. Minimum level of coverage is the Budget Plan and must be paid in full at time of purchase for each semester. The fall semester includes August 1 – January 1 (5 months).  The spring semester includes January 1 – June 1 (5 months).   If applicable, the summer term is June 1-August 1 (2 months).

Each student is responsible to establish a relationship with ISI in order to purchase the required coverage.

Once the student purchases health insurance coverage from ISI, it is the responsibility of the student to inform Cloud County Community College of coverage via confirmation from ISI.

Students on a F1 visa that do not have proof of international student health insurance will not be allowed to attend class, participate in extracurricular activities, or participate in sports.


Follow these steps to set up your insurance plan:
1. Visit the customized Cloud County Community College page online with International Student Insurance.

2. Read through the information on the CCCC page before continuing.

3. Select the "apply online" option to begin the purchase process.

4. Make sure to enter the dates of purchase that meet your school's requirements (For example, the Fall 2014 term dates are: August 1, 2014 until January 1, 2015).

5. Once you purchase the plan, you will receive an immediate confirmation in your email account. This will include your ID card and receipt.

6. Email your policy documents to


For more information about Healthcare in the United States, watch the video below, provided by International Student Insurance.