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The Library's catalog is available through the World Wide Web now. The catalog is easy to use and allows searching and browsing of materials throughout the several collections in our libraries. Patrons can search for books (both electronic and paper formats), magazines, or audio-visuals through the online catalog.

Library Research Instruction

Library Instruction is provided by the campus librarians to help students become familiar with the services offered by the Library, and to help them locate information and conduct research. Library Instruction consists of three parts:

Classroom Visit by a Librarian: A librarian can come to the class and inform students about the best resources available for completing their assignments, including reference books, circulating books, electronic databases and Internet sites.

Library Handouts: The librarians can develop and distribute a handout that lists the best resources for the assignment. A handout on citing sources, which includes both MLA and APA styles can also be distributed.

In-Class Library Research: Instructors may schedule a particular class to come to the Library during the class hour, so the librarian can show them which are the best resources and get them started in their research process.

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Interlibrary Loan

Along with the materials within the Library, students also have access to additional titles through Interlibrary Loan (ILL for short). Both books and journal articles are available through this service. Request forms are available at the Circulation Desk. These forms should be filled out accurately and completely.


You may borrow books through ILL. (Reference books, rare books and audio or visual recordings generally are not circulated through ILL). PLAN AHEAD! The items you request will be mailed to us from the lending library. Please allow a week to 10 days for a book to arrive. The borrowing period for ILL items varies from two to four weeks.


You may request photocopies of articles through ILL. These will be yours to keep. Usually there is no charge for photocopies. However, when filling out the request form, please indicate the "maximum cost" you are willing to pay should the lending library charge for their copies. Please allow a week to 10 days for articles to arrive.


The Library provides a 3D scanner that allows you to print, email or save to a jump drive. For assistance using the scanner, please ask the Library staff.

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In order to borrow circulating materials, the borrower must be registered in the Library and have a valid library card. The type of material determines the length of the check-out time. Generally, books are loaned for a two week period and magazines for a one week period. Materials may be renewed twice. Because the audio-visual materials are intended for instructional use, they must be used in the AV Lab.

Overdue Fines

Fines are charged for each instructional day the material is overdue.
The fine schedule is as follows:
Books -- $.10 per day
Magazines -- $.10 per day
Reserve materials -- $.25 per day
Interlibrary loan materials -- $.50 per day
DVDs -- $1.00 per day

If your overdue material is not returned or payment is not made to replace lost materials, a "HOLD" will be placed on your transcript at the end of the semester. This will prevent you from receiving your semester grades and transcripts from CCCC.

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Library Collections

Reserve Materials

Materials maybe placed on reserve by instructors for student use. Reserve materials are available at the Circulation Desk. The loan period varies and is set by the instructor. Usual loan periods are Library Only or Overnight, although longer periods can be arranged depending on the instructor's perception of the students' needs. Instructors may place their personal copies of materials on reserve for student use. Photocopies of articles also may be put on reserve, providing certain copyright restrictions are observed.

Reference Book

Reference books include encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks - materials that provide short, factual information. These materials are available for use in the library but may not be checked out.

Child Care Collection

The Child Care books are used primarily by the Child Care majors at Cloud County Community College. Within this collection is a variety of Child Care activity books to help guide and aid the students through their field along with numerous story books to supplement their class preparation. These items can be checked out for three days.

Career Resource Collection

The Career Resource Collection pulls together a broad spectrum of materials used to explore career opportunities and assist in obtaining a job. The collection includes reference materials as well as circulating books.

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Audio-Visual Collection & Equipment

The Library provides audiovisual equipment and Video and DVD materials for instructional use. Faculty may arrange for Audiovisual equipment use;  early reservations are suggested. Faculty must pick up and return all equipment after their use in the classroom. Off-campus instructors are also welcome to borrow audiovisual materials from the Library for their classroom use. Again, early reservations are suggested and mailing time allowances must be made. Items should be returned promptly after use. Students are allowed to check out any Audio-Visual Equipment for presentation use with the instructor's approval.


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