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A Message from the Department Chair:

Dear Student,Jamie Durler, Speech and English instructor

You found us! 

Rest your weary, internet traveling self and stay with us, The English and Communications Department at Cloud, for a few clicks. Wherever you’re from--small town or big city--and wherever you want to go, to work, to university, or on an adventure, come spend some time with us first. We will surprise you!

We have both career and transfer programs in English, Speech and Theatre, and Journalism and Mass Communications. As our student, you would have hands-on, real-world learning opportunities. In our academic programs, we pledge to get you online, on screens, on air, on stage, and on your resume in your first year.

Are you an aspiring social media guru, journalistic activist, or YouTube sensation? Our Journalism and Mass Communications emphasis focuses on a range of media: print, video, radio, and social media. Thunderhead Media, our student media group, offers a real-world business model where students produce campus and community-related news using professional-grade equipment. We also have relationships with professional organizations from Concordia to Manhattan. Within the media group, students have the opportunity to pursue multiple positions from hosting a music or talk show to working as news, sports, or video director.

Do you love the spotlight or do you prefer to run the lights? Either way, our Speech and Theatre emphasis gives students the opportunities to act, build sets, costume, or stage-manage for two to three main stage events per year.  Even if Speech / Theater isn’t the degree you are looking for, you can still participate! Theater is a great way to meet people and build skills.

Thanks for resting a moment with us. Click the links to the right to explore our three academic tracks. Read about the available scholarships specific to the English and Communications at Cloud. Finally, give us a call (or e-mail) with any questions! We hope to hear from you soon.


Jamie Durler: Department Chair | 1-800-729-5101 Ext. 240

Suzette Ghent: Lead Instructor at the Geary County Campus | 1-800-729-5101 Ext. 722

Tasha Riggins: Mass Communications, Speech | 1-800-729-5101 Ext. 306

Stephanie Tschetter: Theatre, Speech, Composition | 1-800-729-5101 Ext. 236

Andy Meyers: Composition | 1-800-729-5101 Ext. 242

Carmen Brady: ESL, Developmental, Composition | 1-800-729-5101 Ext. 241

Department Mission:

The English and Communications Department at Cloud County Community College is committed to students' development as capable readers, listeners, writers, speakers, and thinkers who use analytical skills to understand and explore complex ideas and cultural values and use creative skills to compose meaningful communications for a wide range of aesthetic, academic, and professional purposes.

To assure the delivery of this mission, the Communications Department supports the use of data-driven decision making int he offering of developmental courses, provides a variety of composition, literature, and production courses to meet students' diverse educational goals, and participates in annual course and program assessments to align outcomes with this mission and state standards.