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Assessment Committee

Assessment Committee Purpose
The Assessment Committee guides assessment at Cloud County Community College by reviewing assessment data, evaluating and revising current assessment practices, and providing professional development for continuous improvement. Committee members oversee faculty and staff participation in assessment and support faculty and staff in developing an improved educational experience and environment for our students.

Assessment Committee Responsibilities

Committee responsibilities revised 2016. 

1)    Meets monthly
2)    Chaired by the Associate Vice President for Planning and Assessment; a vice chair will be elected from the committee.
3)    Keeps a record of assessment discussion, activities, and decisions through meeting minutes that will be made available to all stakeholders.
4)    Evaluates, refines, and expands procedures for the assessment of courses.
5)    Monitors development and revision of course outcomes for all courses.
6)    Monitors the development and revision of Departmental/Program Goals.
7)    Manages the information provided in syllabi explaining assessment practices to students.
8)    Maintains a timeline/calendar of assessment for current and future years.
9)    Provides professional development and support for faculty regarding assessment.
10)  Encourages faculty participation in assessment.
11)  Provides oversight within departments of assessment practices.
12) Monitors faculty and department participation in assessment.
13)  Recognizes departments and faculty for participation in assessment.
14)  Reviews assessment data and collaborates with faculty and departments in making recommendations for improved practices.

Assessment Committee Membership, 2017-2018
The assessment committee is comprised of the department chair for each department or his/her designee, division deans, assessment coordinator, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Marc Malone, Chair, Associate Vice President for Planning and Assessment

Nancy Zenger-Beneda, VPAA

Brent Phillips, Division Dean

Todd Leif, Division Dean

Lacy Hargitt-Pelkey, Nursing

Jamieson Gross, Agriculture 

Sarah Bernard-Stevens, Music

Dr. Abu Hossion, Science, Concordia Campus

Taryn Cipra, Science, Geary County Campus

Tasha Riggins, Communications 

Shelly Farha, Business

Beth Whisler, Social Sciences

Gruce Graham, Wind Energy Technology

Mark Whisler, Mathematics 

2017-2018 Assessment Committee Minutes

January 2018
December 2017
November 2017
October 2017
September 2017 - no meeting held

Past Assessment Committee Minutes:
April 2017
March 2017 - no meeting held
February 2017
January 2017
November 2016
October 2016
September 2016
January 2015 - no meeting held
February 2015
March 2015
April 2015
May 2015
September 2014
October 2014
November 2014

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